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Pearland Pony Rides and Parties Welcomes You

Birthday Party Services

Party Packages

One Pony for 1 Hour $175

One Pony for 1.5 Hours $200

Two Ponies for 1 Hour $250

Two Ponies for 1.5 Hours $275


Dress Up Package

Please let us know the theme or color skeme of your party. We have done all sorts of parties from Unicorns(one color or rainbow color), Cars, Aztec, LOL Surprise, Poppy from Trolls, Dinosaur, Princess and Knights. 

One pony one color dress up $20

One pony rainbow dress up $35

Flowers in hair (fake flowers the usage fee covers wear and tear on the items) $10

Knight costume (usage fee - this covers wear and tear of the items) $10

TuTu - No Color in hair (Blue, Rainbow, Red) - $10

Unicorn horn no color in hair - Free

Saddle Pad and Strap colors. If you decide not to dress the pony we still have color gear you can pick from. Brown, Blue, Red, Purple and Pink. 
Please let us know if this is a boy or girl party so we can know which color saddle gear to use. Saddle gear is a must for pony rides so it is free to pick which colors you would like. 


Paint Packages

Please note these packages can only be done in the summer or warmer times of the year for safety bathing of ponies/horses.

We have had some confusion so please be VERY clear that you would like either a 'hand paint' or 'brush paint' package as this is not the same or included in the dress up package. 
The last 15 mintes of your party package we will unsaddle the pony and bring pony safe paint for the kids to paint the ponies with. You can pick from two different paint packages. 
Brushes (the kids will get soft paint brushes to paint the ponies with 25 kids or less) $35

Hands (we will paint the kids hands and they will put hand prints on the ponies and you can get pictures of them with their hands painted all over the pony once everyone has left a print) $15


Carriage Rental

Large and Public Events

Private Event Pricing - when an event is for a specific venu and is not open to the public (ponies are provided with one pony handler and one saftey person beside saddle)
One pony for one hour $ 250
One pony for two hours $ 350
Two ponies for one hour $ 375
Two ponies for two hours $ 400
Three ponies for one hour $ 475
Three ponies for two hours $ 500

Public Event Pricing - when an event is open to everyone and is not set for a specific amount of people. (all ponies are provided with a handler and a saftey person beside the saddle) *please note we do require more staffing for these events as we need to ensure staff is able to control the line/public and take breaks and drink/eat if nesscary*

One pony for one hour $ 350
One pony for two hours $ 450
Two ponies for one hour $ 550
Two ponies for two hours $ 650
Three ponies for one hour $ 750
Three ponies for two hours $ 850
Three ponies for three hours $ 950
Three ponies for four+ hours please ask for specific pricing if longer hours are required. 


What else do you need to know? 

These are handled pony rides and depending on party size with extra saftey walkers. If you are outside of Pearland more then 15 miles we will require a haul fee. This fee will vary depending on distances and tolls. 
Pony weight limit is between 65-100lbs. We can provide a pony with a max weight limit of 120lbs for larger kids/teens. This pony is not always available but can be requested. Smaller kids are timd so smaller is better for the younger/smaller kids. Only request the larger pony if you have a bigger amount of larger kids/teens that plan to ride. 

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Contact Us

Please EMAIL us at to book as you will not be able to complete your booking on our website due to having different booking platform's. 

Brookside Village, TX 77581, USA

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